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Please see next steps below:

  • You may go ahead select your favourite pieces from PFG’s website and place the order.

  • Voucher code “APPRL” will give you 1500 sek to shop with.

  • Your personal discount code ANETTE20 will give your followers 20% off their orders (I will check the validity of this with the brand, so you know how long the code is valid for).

Kindly note that at check out you must choose the delivery method as ”pick up in the store”, however rest assured that PFG will send out your order to your preferred delivery address anyway. 🙂 

Quick refresher for when you post your content:

  • Mark your content as Ad for PFG and #Adlink or similar since you are receiving commission and products in return for content.

  • Please show your gifted items with Klarna Creator Platform generated links at least once, how you show them is completely up to you.

If you could also let me know once you’ve placed your order so I know everything went smoothly that would be great and if you have any other questions just reach out!

Thank you and I wish you a lovely weekend ahead!

Very best,

Nicole x

Nicole Niiranen

Campaign Manager

+46 73 515 42 16

Klarna MAS AB (previously APPRL) / Klarna Bank AB

Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm

Tel: +46 8 120 120 00


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